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Complete Guide to Upper Control Arms

Upper Control Arms - Something We Need to Know

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If you’re considering leveling your vehicle, you may also need to upgrade your upper control arms. Upper control arms are crucial in ensuring proper suspension geometry and maintaining alignment. This article will examine what upper control components are and why they’re important when installing leveling kits. Go with KSP upper control arms

What Are Upper Control Arms?

Upper control arms (UCAs) are part of a vehicle’s suspension system. They connect the chassis to the upper ball joint of the spindle, which holds the wheel in place. UCAs are designed to allow for vertical movement of the suspension while controlling the wheel’s motion about the chassis. They help maintain proper suspension geometry for optimal handling and tire wear.

Why Do You Need Upper Control Arms with Leveling Kits?

Leveling kits are designed to lift the front or rear of a vehicle, creating a level stance. However, raising the front end of a car can change the suspension geometry, which can cause several problems. One of the most significant issues is that the ball joint angle becomes more severe, resulting in increased wear and tear on the joint. This can lead to premature failure and expensive repairs.

Upper control arms can help alleviate these issues by correcting the ball joint angle and restoring proper suspension geometry. They also allow for additional clearance for larger tires or wheels, which can be a benefit when off-roading.

Choosing the Right Upper Control Arms

When choosing UCAs, there are several factors to consider. The first is the type of vehicle you have. Different cars require different UCAs, so choose the right ones for your make and model.

The next factor to consider is the type of leveling kit you’re installing. Some leveling kits are more aggressive than others, and you may need UCAs to accommodate the additional lift.

Finally, consider the construction of the UCAs. Look for high-quality materials like heavy-duty steel or aluminum, and ensure that the UCAs are designed to handle the extra stress caused by lifting the vehicle. Must look at


If you plan to install a leveling kit on your vehicle, pay attention to the importance of upgrading your upper control arms. UCAs are essential for maintaining proper suspension geometry and can help prevent premature wear and tear on your ball joints. By choosing the right UCAs for your vehicle and leveling kit, you can ensure your vehicle is properly lifted and performs optimally on or off-road.