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How to check airpod battery life?

check airpod battery life

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This can definitely be regarded as a very popular question among all those who use the Airpods. As we all know, currently a number of chargeable appliances are available in the market and we regularly use them in order to fulfill a number of purposes. In order to check airpod battery life, we need to follow the step by step procedure that will be provided in this discussion. In case of each and every device, checking the battery life can be considered as very important. This is simply because of the fact that, if we don’t check this on a regular basis, then the battery might get depleted and the device might get switched off, without our knowledge. This can sometimes put us in extremely tough circumstances. For example, we might be on a journey and at that time, if the battery of our Airpods gets depleted, then we will not be able to use it and the whole journey will become boring. In order to avoid similar situations, we must always charge our devices and make sure that their battery is fully charged. This applies to all sorts of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, headphones, smartwatches, etc. The process that needs to be followed in order to charge our devices are always mentioned in the handbooks and leaflets that we get while purchasing them. So, if you want to know how you can charge your Airpods, then please continue reading.


Check airpod battery life using iPhone/ iPad

Now, if you are someone who owns a pair of Airpods, then the chances are high that you also own an iPhone or iPad. If this is the case, then you can definitely check the battery of your Airpods very conveniently. This is simply because of the fact that Apple always optimizes its accessories to work with almost all its devices. This makes everything much more convenient for the users. If you have kept your earbuds in the charging case, then you have to open the charging case as you hold it nearby your iPhone or iPad. Once you do this, a battery status card will pop up on your screen within a few seconds. This status card will display the battery status of each of your earbuds, as well as the charging case. If the earbuds are not in the charging case and you are wearing them, then too, you can easily check the battery status using your iPhone or iPad. In this case, the users need to open the “Widgets” screen. Once they open this screen, they have to locate the “Batteries” widget. Here, they will be able to see the battery status of the charging case as well as each of the earbuds. But the users should keep in mind that in both the cases, they will only be able to see the battery status when everything is synced properly. In case you are experiencing any sort of difficulty with these processes, then you can definitely consider contacting the customer care.


Check Airpod battery status on your Mac

We have seen that checking the battery status of our Airpods using the iPhone or iPad is a very easy process and we have looked at the procedure that should be followed in order to accomplish this task. We can also check airpod battery life very easily by using a Mac. In this case, you do not have to worry about whether the earbuds are in the charging case or not. The detailed procedure that should be followed in order to check the battery status of your Airpods on Mac is given below.

  • So, the first thing that the users have to do is to open the lid of their charging case. Then they have to take their Airpods out of the charging case.

  • Once they complete the first step, they need to click the Control Center icon that is present on the top right of the Menu Bar. For those who don’t know, this icon looks like two sliders that are going in opposite directions.

  • Thereafter, the users have to click on the Bluetooth icon that is present in the Control Center menu. Here, the users have to hover their mouse pointer over the name of their Airpods. Once they do so, they will be able to see the remaining battery life of their Airpods.


Check airpod battery life without the help of a paired device

The methods that are discussed above makes the use of an external device to check the battery life of the Airpods. Though these methods are very simple, they can be used only if the users have an external device with them. But, if you do not have an external device with you, then you do not have to worry. In such cases, you can still check the battery life of both the Airpods as well as the case. If your earbuds are inside the charging case, the status light will indicate the battery status clearly. Here, you have to keep in mind that the location of the status light will depend on the model of Airpods that you have . If the status light shows green color, then this means that your Airpods are fully charged. The amber color of the light indicates that less than one full charge is remaining. This way, you can determine the battery status of your Airpods. In case the buds are not present in the case, then the light will indicate the charge status of the charging case itself.



There are a number of methods that can be used if you want to check airpod battery life. In this discussion, we have covered three of these methods. These include checking battery life on iPhone or iPad, on Mac, and lastly, without the help of any paired devices. Thus, if you are finding it difficult to check the battery life of your Airpods, then you can definitely take the necessary help from this discussion. Among the discussed methods, you can simply choose the one that works for you.