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Transforming Your HDB 5 Room Flat into a Dream Home

HDB 5 Room Flat into a Dream Home

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As home is a reflection of your personality, there are several things require to make a home more designed and attractive. Interior and exterior parts are significant aspect of any home. To give astonishing shape inside your house, needs several things to manage in your interior design. Transforming your HDB 5 room interior design will be an exciting experience. We have the best and experience designer who will give a desirable shape and create a shape that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We choose the best colors and set furniture in your house within the given space. 

A Modern Twist on Traditional Living Room Design for Your Condo 

You can redesign your traditional home with a new method option. Homies Design is a renowned HDB 5 room interior design company that specializes in creating beautiful and functional living spaces that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the clients. For families, HDB 5-room flat is the best option to choose because you can get wide space than others. But the problem is that the earlier made home is now looking traditional while people will dislike to choose. But it is not a matter to forget and leave as their condition while we help to build a new look giving a pleasant interior designing offer for HDB flats. 

If you are looking for timeless and elegant, while also being modern and functional, then we offer living room condo interior design for you HDB flats. We help to renovate several things inside your house. 

Color Scheme

First, our team will choose color scheme as it is demanding in the recent time. Traditional design usually features warm, earthy tones, such as beige, brown, and gold.  However, to give an eloquent look in limited space our expert chooses coolers tones such as gray, navy, and black, this color will reflect HDB 5 interior design more attractive. 


Inside any house, furniture plays a significant role to creates mesmerizing effect while there is wide category of furniture available in the market. However, we make a proper living room condo interior design using clean lines and minimal ornamentation.


It is also a key element of any living room design; our designer will select indeed best stuff and design to give a modern twist to traditional design. Look for accessories that have a modern aesthetic, such as geometric patterns, clean lines, and metallic finishes.


Lighting is the main source to give an aesthetic outlook inside and outside of the house. We have expert team use different categories of lighting for living room condo interior design, like sleek metal finishes, geometric shapes, and minimalist designs.


In any living room, flooring is the important element, it is a great way to make attraction. Look for flooring materials that have a modern aesthetic, such as polished concrete, sleek wood, or geometric-patterned tile.

Maximizing Space in Your Condo Living Room

As living room is often the heart of any condominium unit. In every house, living room is the place where all the member of families gathers to watch tv, entertain guest, to meet and discuss on any issues. It is the large place in the house and apartment where people spend more time together. We understand the importance of your need for living room while committed to creating a comfortable and functional living room. We have created several living room condo interior designs to make your house more astonishing. 

Using technique and different process our team will maximize space in your living room and make more attractive point. We set sofa, furniture, light, and all the necessary stuff in proper arrangement. If you are looking for the best HDB 5 room interior design services nearby you then connect with us. 


Designing the interior of your HDB flat or condo living room requires careful consideration of a variety of factors, including space limitations, style preferences, and functionality needs. We offer a unique and personalized approach to interior design that can help you to create the prefect living space for your needs. If you are looking for HDB 5 room interior design to achieve a modern twist, to maximize space in your condo living room. 

We have experience designer who create a living space that meets your aesthetic preferences and also maximizes space and functionality. To make living room condo interior designs more astonishing, let us connect and full your dream.