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Dry Hands: This is why you are so scaly right now – And How to Deal

Dryness is one of the major problems

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Dryness is one of the major problems to deal with some people are born with dry skin whereas some people’s activities make their skin dry. And having dry hands is the most irritating one. However, having dry hands is very common and not at all dangerous. Mostly dryness on hands is caused by environmental conditions. Frequently hand-washing, using chemicals are also reasons for hands to make it dry.

The main reason is the dehydration of hands that makes it dry. there are many ways to treat your thirsty hands and keep them hydrated. Keep reading to find its cause and prevention.

This is why your hands are so dry

1. Weather

Climatic conditions can affect your skin, especially in colder days, it is obvious for the skin to become dry as colder days contains less moisture in the air and thus makes your skin dry. Also, dry conditions tend to suck the moisture of your skin.

2. Surrounding/workplace environment

If your surrounding environment is dry then it will affect your skin also if you work in the area where you need to wash your hands frequently like doctors, nurses, salon professionals, or if you are exposed to chemicals like factory workers then this makes the reason for your dry hands.

3. Medical Conditions

There may be some medical conditions that can cause bare hands or some on-going treatment which lowers the blood circulation to the hands which leads your hands to irritation. Also, Eczema and psoriasis are two conditions that cause skin inflammation and may result in skin peeling, dry hands, or cracking.

How to deal with dry hands

To combat your dry hands, here are some remedies that you can try:

1. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Keep your skin hydrated by applying good quality moisturiser time to time which provides good hydration to your hands. Here is a little tip, apply your moisturiser on slightly wet hands because the moisturiser you apply will lock the moisture into your skin and will keep your hands soft and hydrated for a longer period of time.

2. Wear Gloves

If you have to immerse your hands frequently into the water then wear gloves. Washing dished or doing some work that makes your skin dry then gloves is a good option as it prevents your hands from water stripping the natural oils of your skin.

3. Consider medication

You can opt for some medication if you have severe eczema. Doctors might prescribe you some antibiotics that will give a chance to your skin to heal or some steroid that you can apply to your skin.

4. Ask about UV light therapy

Ask your doctor about UV light therapy. In some severe cases, UV light therapy works really well to heal your dry skin. But only when the doctor prescribes you.

5. Try overnight mask for your hands

Use some petroleum-based moisturizer or a thick lotion or creme on your hands and cover it with a pair of sock or soft gloves and rest it overnight. As a result, you will wake up with baby soft hands.

Summing up, dry hands are a very common problem that can be healed by applying moisturizer. If your hands are to healing from home remedies and If the situation is worse like bleeding or infection, seek medical help.