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What Should Senior Citizens Look For When Buying A New Home

New Home for Senior Citizens

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In their golden years, senior citizens who seek a comfortable and like-minded community should invest in luxurious homes. Goa can be an excellent place for senior citizens to retire with its pristine beaches, high-quality lifestyle and relatively low cost of living. 


Regardless of the availability of options, it can be challenging to determine what to expect when purchasing a new home for the post-retirement plan. Fortunately, top real estate developers in Goa offer a lot of benefits ranging from world-class amenities to a safe and secure environment for senior citizens.

Secure Environment

When purchasing any house it’s important to check whether the living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are constructed with age-friendly designs. A few elements of age-friendly designs range from lever-style hardware which can be used on faucets, and doors. Also, bathrooms with walk-in showers, extra lighting and handrails and grab bars can be a plus point for a secure environment for senior citizens. Moreover, non-slip vinyl flooring and stairs with handrails on both sides are also important additions to a safe and secure home as it eliminates most trip points. Other than in-house amenities one should also keep in mind to look for properties that provide powerful security services to prevent any unwanted risks.


Access to Amenities

To lead a more stress-free and comfortable life, senior citizens should look for homes that are located close to clinics and hospitals, which could provide them immediate access to healthcare when needed. Moreover, its imperative to have access to essential services as close as possible like grocery stores, pharmacies and public transportation. Even though most residential properties have a common park, it’s always best to pick a property with a senior citizens-friendly park with a lot of open spaces, walkways and sit-out areas so that they can enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful environment.


Proximity to Transportation

It is essential to select a location which is near the public transportation hub like bus stands, railway stations and other public transport facilities. These services should be in close proximity within a walkable distance. This way you can lead a hassle-free lifestyle without worrying about accessibility. But it’s important to keep in mind that as Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations it’s best to choose a property situated a little away from popular hubs. Reis Magos, Candolim, Moira and Assagao are the most popular places to consider for post-retirement properties. These locations are great for senior citizens as they are relatively quiet, peaceful, safe, and pollution-free.

Recreational Facilities

Indoor amenities provide ample opportunities to keep senior citizens engaged and socialize with like-minded individuals. Therefore, when purchasing a home in Goa, one should look for indoor facilities such as a community centre, swimming pool, fitness centre and other recreational activities. These facilities not only help in maintaining a more active lifestyle but also build a social community with similar-aged groups.

Senior citizens that buy a luxurious home in Goa make a good decision for long-term property investments. With the right amenities and facilities, senior citizens can enjoy a comfortable and manageable lifestyle in one of India’s most beautiful destinations.