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Toll Free Numbers

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Whenever there is some advertisement on TV, you may have heard the term “Toll Free Number“. You may be wondering what this number means, don’t worry, this article will tell you about toll-free number numbers and their uses.

Free area codes are 888, 844, 833, 866,855, 877, and 800.

What are toll free numbers?

You can dial toll-free numbers without being charged. The party you are calling will be responsible for the charges and maintaining the toll-free number rather than the caller paying the long-distance charges.

What are the benefits of toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are the best and most efficient way for businesses and their customers. Businesses often give their customers or clients a toll-free number so they can order a product or service. Oftentimes, the cost per call to a business is lower than the cost per call if the customer has paid a long distance. It is a known fact that consumers are more likely to contact a company if it offers a toll-free calling system.

In many cases, businesses can capture callers’ area codes and phone numbers even if they have blocked caller IDs. It is a useful tool for companies and business owners to identify who is calling for business and security purposes. Companies such as retail companies, banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions use area codes and phone numbers to verify caller IDs.

What are the locations of the toll-free numbers?

Currently, the toll-free codes for use in Canada, the United States, and other countries are part of the North American numbering scheme, with the numbers 800, 844, 833, 877, 866, and 888 regulated by the FCC. , which has the mandate to provide or use unpaid numbers. Toll codes such as 889, 887, 880, and 822 are toll-free service codes but are inactive, and the implementation date has not yet been set.


Toll-free numbers are a useful way for many businesses, especially startups, to build trust among their customers or clients. It has been there for many years and has been used by various companies. I hope this article has helped you understand toll-free numbers.