Programming GE Universal Remotes

GE Universal Remote Codes

Would you like to pair your General electric universal remote? This is a comprehensive guide to connecting general electric universal remote. The universal remote is the most effective invention. Many people use it in their daily routine. When you lose the original remote and are unable to find another model of the original remote, in this situation, General electric universal remotes of different brands will help you. The best thing about a universal remote it is simple to use and pair. It works with any television without depending on any model or brand.

Today we are going to look at how to connect the General Electric Universal remote with the remote codes. You have to use the remote with the specific item. Keep reading to learn how to program our General Electric Universal remote.

How to set up a General Electric Remote Control?

There are two methods to connect it to your electronic device whether you use a television, a setup box, or a DVD or blue ray player. The two approaches you can use to program the universal remote. Let’s get it started.

How to set a GE universal Remote Control without a code?

Here is the first approach for connecting the GE universal remote with your tv without typing a code. It means you have no need to inputting any code

  • Turn on your television
  • Press up the setup button on your General Electric Universal Remote Control
  • Keep pressing the setup button until the red light of your remote glows
  • Then you must push the tv button
  • At every five seconds, you must tap and release the power button on your GE Universal Remote
  • Repeat this procedure until your television turns off in an automatic way
  • Use the buttons back to turn your tv on
  • At every three seconds, you must tap and release the channel up button of the universal remote
  • Continue this procedure till your tv turns off in an automatic way. Finally, use the remote to press the tv button to store the channels
  • To check that the remote is working in the proper way, perform basic activities. Such as powering it on, changing the channel and volume

How to set up a GE universal remote control with a code through the second way?

Here is the second way to link the General Electric Remote to your tv. You can also connect it to other devices by using the remote code.

  • Keep the connection of your tv with its power supply and make sure that the tv turns off.
  • Push up the setup button until the red light glows
  • Now turn on the television
  • You need to input the code for the  correct device
  • Once you’ve entered the correct remote code. To turn on the television, press the power button on the remote.
  • When your television turns on. You have entered the right code. If your tv is not on then try a different combination of remote codes of your specific tv brand

 Try out the available code list to program the General Electric Universal Remote


It is a complete instruction on connecting the General Electric Universal Remote if you have any queries or want to do comments share them with us.


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