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Advantages of Monitoring App for Track Kids’ Online Activity

Benefit of Monitoring App to Monitor Children Activity

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Advantages of Monitoring App for Track Kids’ Online Activity

57% of digital crimes reported in 2021 were scams. Most of the time, these cyber criminals find soft targets like the naïve minds of teenagers to attack. It is easy to manipulate a teenager who loves playing online games or wants a signed DVD of her favorite idol. Criminals usually manipulate kids by using their weaknesses and making them the target of their greed.

As a parent, it is our utmost duty to take every possible measure to ensure the safe online activities of the kids. It might not b an easy task but believe me; it is very much possible if you make up your mind. All you need to do is find a reliable parental control app, and it will do the magic for you. No need to worry about online grooming, sexting, cybercriminals, or bullies. Just install the app on the target device and be worry-free.

Benefit of Monitoring App to Monitor Children Online Activity

A monitoring app like the OgyMogy updates the parents about every major and minor activity. You can learn about the chatting history details, incoming and outgoing call logs, and more. It’s not a drill. Now is the time to take special measures to assure the safety of the coming generation. There is no time to waste. Choosing a good parental control app can save you from so much trouble; here is how.

Follow Them Around 24/7:

Imagine if a parent is asked to follow the kids around 24/7/. It is not possible because of so many reasons. But what if I tell you that one of the major advantages of using a monitoring app like the OgyMogy is that you can follow your kid around 24/7 without them knowing? Yes, the last part makes it more fun, as the kid will never know about the installation of the monitoring app, thanks to the stealth mode offered by the OgyMogy.

Be Their Social media Friend:

Various social media platforms come with interesting features and user interfaces. Though the main theme is the same for every app, new and fresh updates are regularly made to inspire and attract more and more users. It is very easy to be your kid’s social media friend if you have a parental control app installed on the gadget. Features like the Facebook monitoring app, YouTube monitoring app, Telegram monitoring app, and Tinder monitoring app keep parents in the loop about their kid’s activities. Even though you don’t know about the kid’s Instagram handle or Facebook id, you can remotely monitor all the social media activities.

Be In Every Chat Group:

Thanks to modern technology and upgrading features, it is easy to join any chat group on messenger or instant messenger chat apps. There is even the option to hide chat, encrypt it, or even disappear after a few seconds. There is no need to worry about such a feature, as OgyMogy is here to help.

Most of the popular instant messenger chat app platforms can be monitored with the help of the monitoring app. Parents can remotely check the Whatsapp monitoring app, Line monitoring app, Viber monitoring app, Telegram monitoring app, and more. All the data is saved on the be portal so parents can check the record at any given time using the login information.

Track Their Real-Time Location:

Kids share real-time locations through many social media apps. But what if I tell you that this mere feature can be a big advantage for parents who are worried about the safety of their kids? The OgyMogy offers a GPS location tracking feature that lets the user know about the kid’s real-time location. You can track them at any given time and even control their movements and whereabouts by using the geo-fencing feature.

Block The Unwanted Content:

Worried about any particular Netflix series or suspect that your kid might be accessing adult content websites? No need to worry anymore as the OgyMogy offers an internet browsing history tracking feature. Not just that, with the web filtering feature, parents can immediately block any type of website with their kids.

Record the Keystrokes:

Get the OgyMogy to enjoy one of the most beneficial features, keystroke logging. This feature lets parents know about any keypad activity, including account details and credentials.